I'm Rahul

I'm a designer who believes
design thinking can solve most problems. Philosophy: Good design is obvious.

I'm a designer who believes design

thinking can solve most problems.

Philosophy: Good design is obvious.

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I’m Rahul Bhosale, a multidisciplinary designer from Mumbai, India. My work combines a background in communication design with user-centred design thinking. I believe good design can make the positive impact on people’s daily lives. It can solve most problems. Design can unite people without any language or cultural barrier.

I’ve worked in cross-functional teams for the past 6+ years. I'm currently working at Hotstar as Senior Interaction Designer. In my previous experience, I’ve contributed in making of Housing’s rent and buy platform; Created the hangout experience for Woobly; Helped to launch the future of work for Indiez; and delivered 50+ projects for mobile/desktop along the way with agencies all over the world.

I approach each design iteration and thinking as part of a living process. Nothing is rejected, nothing is one-directional. My long-term goal is to make things easy to use and delightful to everyone. When I’m not working, I live to travel (12 countries and counting)

I’m based in Mumbai but originally hail from the historic city of Kolhapur, India.

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Designing interactive experiences for millions.

I am currently working at Hotstar as Senior Interaction Designer. Hotstar is India’s leading streaming and video-on-demand platform with 350M+ app downloads.


Hangout made easy; mood, music, pallate.

An early stage startup, which allow users to search the best restaurants around & compare the spots, Where I worked on defining the hangout experience for Android app.

Case Study

Hiring Platform
for Chefs

An accessible job portal for chefs in the culinary world, enabling hiring portal for Chefs & Restaurants. I have helped them launch their MVP. Defined a robust visual design system to follow.

Coming Soon

Experience for Rent/Buy

Back in 2015, I joined Housing.com as a senior interaction designer. For over three years, I created experiences for rent and buy platform enabling Interaction patterns, Visual Design, illustrations & Motion design.

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Crafted future
of work

I have helped launched Indiez, a remote working comminity for individuals such as Designers, Engineers & Product Managers. Created a substantial identity and website which won several awards. Case study coming soon.

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Herman Miller Redesign

This is a concept I designed with Jekin Gala back in 2016 to create an elegant and engaging experience. With the use of big imagery, quality content, bold typography, clean navigation & delightful interactions.

Case Study

Good design can save the world.

I have written a blog on how Good Design can save the world, & we can solve most problems with design thinking. Take a look, It's just 5 Min read.

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The street has no gender. We are all humans with equal rights to born with & equal rights to be loved with. A small tribute to the LGBTQIS from a straight guy with love. In a world full of discrimination, free the love.